The BY ME Project...


the complete play now has in its own journey, allowing for shape of production in showcase presentation – Tom Minter fall of 2022, and early 2023, By Me You’ll Never Know was given as a complete work, in workshops that allowed for work on the shape of its narrative and arc, as well as some elements of production that were not involved in creating its scope of 3 Frames.

In June 2023, as a whole thought in its staging, the play was given in a rehearsed reading at the Harlem School of the Arts, as inauguration of its Summer Play Reading cycle of programming. The reading was directed by HSA’s Theater Chair, Mercedes White.

To suddenly have, onstage, the whole body of the work, was an incredible experience allowing for full tapestry of the narrative to knit its perspectives of memory, across an ‘untethered landscape’ of music and past that worked as immersive dynamics of ‘the undiscussed’, a collateral legacy of trauma for a family of color, working in undercurrents of  choices that each character had been shaped by..




Zeitgeist creating hits the ground as journey of work / Tom Minter

..In the fall of 2019 I began writing the full length play By Me You’ll Never Know which speaks to dynamic issues of class, caste, fear of ‘otherness’.. and, what later I came to term, the weight of legacy in the ‘undiscussed’ of black culture…

In expecting to be able to have chance of workshops and platform for its content, it emerged into the unforeseen of pandemic hiatus.

As so many have, I diverted, creating in Zoom-scape, and determined to stretch my leaning into the unknowable..

I've curated a timeline in hope of sharing the steps of chance, support, serendipity, challenge, and continuing.. which has enveloped choices for content of this work, in course of its journey..



  • September – December 2020

    3 Frames / By Me is crafted as curated experience of the full play, By Me You’ll Never Know, in hopes of having workshop and audience engagement who this new work..

  • May – August 2020 Zoom becomes the medium Creatives use in ‘self-empowerment’ to cultivate some measure of the work across pandemic hiatus.. I begin to wonder a way to identify core fodder of the play, as work to move into online spaces for workshop.. – 

  • April 2020

    ..closings erupt into pandemic hiatus..

  • March 2020

    ..horrifying endings, pandemic stalks everything...

  • February 2020

    -all well and good to have created a work, but to be without a specific company interested..- or director - as

  • January 2020

    Completed script of full length play: By Me You’ll Never Know; ‘rabbit hole’ down knit roots into the ‘undiscussed’ of ‘caste’/colorism, class, and antipathy for any manner of ‘otherness’..