..-the question is - "what is expected of a black writer"..

MinterTom Life Oct.22.2020 0 Comments

..finding opportunity to speak, and write fulsomely in this time of pandemic and seismic transformation.. I still have to navigate the full compass of what it is I do; everything skews against 'what is expected of a black writer'..

And so, finding this article in The Guardian, UK, today, I am feeling.. heard in even framing the words of the question.. and that alone is a wonderful feeling!

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..some time older

MinterTom Life May.02.2020 0 Comments

some time older..

and I am trying to think forward in a landscape that continues shifting its critical emphasis..

This.. has allowed me time for considering my voice in the space of individual emphasis, and ‘virtual’, sustainable endeavor, as an evolving platform.

And so - this spot online, this new 'here', is where I can share work, thinking, processes, and reach in establishing a kind of sandbox.. especially for other artists to visit, in which we might find ways to riff creatively, into unexpected results of broader food for thought..

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