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.."expose the question the answer hides."

MinterTom Race Themes Aug.24.2019 0 Comments

..more than ever these days, the answer is: James Baldwin. Nikita Stewart’s expansive insight in the New York Times is presented as: The 1619 Project, whose endeavor is to examine slavery in the root of our culture. It is offered in detailed process, causing readers to reflect on the still insoluble sutures in the making of a nation.

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Showboat! – a vehicle for confluence..

MinterTom Race Themes May.20.2013 0 Comments

I have been very fortunate in the last two years to be able to lecture at Stanford in Washington, giving context and synopsis ahead of the operas they see. The closing lecture was ahead of attending Showboat, at the Kennedy Center. ..I have to admit to this particular lecture being one of the most complex and uneasy to cover comprehensively.. But there is significance to this piece of musical theatre.. I wanted to share what I came to appreciate; this is the text of the lecture.

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