Short Story

Tif'ny Grace

..already all day, Tifny knew; but now, night in this twelve step under -spanky smelling- chrome, tinsel toned dive- she was certain that something not her fault was about to happen anyway..!

Persephone’s Fruit

..a dream, a memory.. -the fear is, it’s neither.. and will never end beginning..

a candle in the quarry ..a modern Grimm Fairy Tale

..being thirteen should be simple.. but Stevie is about to discover just how frightening the choices can become, at the threshold of being a young man..


i have a life in switzerland

..I am packing a life, moving – not certain if forward, or into ‘next’ -but knowing that solid ground gave out to other choices, and my – exile further on..

Mount Everett

-with the best will in the world, Everett’s hope for his wife is that the day only gets better.. -it's a vain hope, considering the day's conclusion is at his dreaded sister-in-law’s..