Full Length Works

By Me You'll Never Know

..a father’s recollection confines itself in dementia.. -as his son, returning from years abroad, falls down the tunnel of color perspectives, discovering splinters of truths to all the history of choice and loss that had been inexplicably.. purposefully obliterated from his early memories..

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Past is the Present, Imperfect

.. in a perfect suburbia, Joan & Leonard get ready to enjoy their first Christmas holiday as a couple – but then, Leonard’s mother, Daisy, shows up. With suitcases..
-and a hankering to deal with anything but the truth of why she’s arrived..  In this home, Happy Family, suddenly comes with a whole new origin!

This is a deceptively short play in Four Acts.


America Rex

[photo - Sandra Zvenyika, as LOUISE; Graham Vincent, as GENERAL FISK / America Rex, NZ / JK Productions 2018]


SYNOPSIS: Play in Two Acts.  

..in an extremis of climate change the world is in a great migration of populations… 

Girded round its entirety by a Great Border Barrier, America is sectioned into 5 Zones, each run by a General Commandant; from these ‘Zed Fortresses’, they owe allegiance to the Senate, situation in the Domus, and presided over by the SPEAKER. 


..in “noir” there are always losers struggling against bad choices.. -but what if
some were destined to test the balance of “good” and – an alternative? Chiaroscuro takes
place in a 1940’s metropolis of slang, seediness, murder, and every twist of badtime souls
can know.. all the while unknowingly playing out an immemorial wrestle with deliberate
This is a play in Two Acts.


In the wake of her mother's death, an African-American television exec, Ioni Mitchell, navigates feelings of isolation and loss of family – until memories of her deceased mother direct Ioni to focus on the mysterious family heirloom of a portrait..

In identifying the artist of the painting, Ioni discovers choices made in an America of the 1870's, whose consequences and deeper secrets haunt an unexpected ancestor, in contemporary France..