April 2021

*Digesting the experience and feedback of the initial workshop for "Frame 1", it was clear to me that the work had potency as fodder of culture. And that this aspect, in result, required better support as core to the work’s effect..

..knowing that the next workshop would be an even greater lift of the work's components -which I was recognizing to be something akin to Vulcan Chess, in managing  multi-dimensional strategizing.. 

I adjusted my sights.


*..opportunity had it, in 2020, that I had been asked to participate on The Phillips Collection Centennial Advisory Panel of members of community, artists, and theatre makers, to explore dimensions of engagement for art across The Phillips' 2021 Centennial year celebrations.

In my intuition and experience of the panel, I felt that the meat of 3 Frames would be aligned with the new ways of engaging dialogue and community that The Phillips felt important landscape in an arc of their centennial year..

*Makeba Clay, at the time, Horning Chair of Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion at The Phillips was instrumental in realizing this as well.

Makeba knew of By Me You’ll Never Know and had attended one of the QSTC workshop presentations of 3 Frames. Out of this, and in the confluence of conversations needing ‘framing & example’, she and I came to appreciate that a work of theatre could be the perfect inflection for conversation for the Centennial Year efforts of arts dialogue; out of this grew my belief that the 2nd workshop should be at The Philips Collection.

realized, of course, that intuiting and achieving were two different things.. but I felt hope to engage in the effort.

*With Makeba’s support, and commitment -not just to the purpose of the work, and the workshop, but to putting funding to the event as well- we found the nugget of foundation to build the 2nd workshop on, with The Phillips and the Office of DEAI..

The workshop was identified for occurring at the end of July 2021.


*...even so: we still had no production entity.. or director.. or 501c3 as umbrella..