March 2021

* immense ambition, but true use of the opportunity of workshop and effort of experiencing the full 'weight of the lift', in what this beastie of a work is - theatre/narrative/immersive experience/language/visual..

..the Tech weighed heavily .. as we discovered that the medium of Zoom is not very kind to the OBS system we were using for presenting visuals..

*Brendan dug into making sure everything worked as well as possible, while also having taken on the role of ALLAN for the workshop..

*..Timothy was navigating Zoom, and teaching, and a recent move to Boston- which, even at the best of times would be a harrowing balancing act..


*There were three presentations of the experience of "Frame 1"; each came with their own unique wobble.. but across each performance, the QSTC audience members were wonderful and willing and engaged in the experience of this 'new' work - and in chance of the afterward conversations, during which audience members asked questions of all of us - cast to tech. 


*Timothy, Tyrone, and founding members of the company, gave us a fulsome and constructive debrief.

-although still in stretch of industry shut downtheatre was seeking to get back to original 2021 scheduling, and so we found that QSTC would have to let go of further engagement with the project, as would Timothy, who was catapulted back into several contracts which had been in abeyance due to pandemic..


*We learned a great deal with QSTC & Timothy; the content/context of the play held its own. But adjustments would need to be considered before the next workshop..